St. Peter Catholic Church, Hancock, MD

St Patrick Catholic Church, Little Orleans, MD

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Our Parish Mission Statement
The Parish Family of St. Peter and St. Patrick affirms its faith identity by living in full accord with the gospel message of Jesus Christ, and the Teaching and Tradition of the Catholic Church.  As Disciples of Christ, we give witness to that faith by active participation in the parish and its ministries.  We are called by the Spirit to live the gospel, to celebrate the sacramental life of the Church, to teach, to serve and love all, and to be stewards of the gifts that we have received for future generations.

December 14th, 2014
Gaudete Sunday

Christmas Eve Masses

Wednesday, December 24
9:00 – 10:00 AM, Confessions, St. Peter Church
4:00 PM Mass, St. Peter Church, Hancock --Children’s Mass/All Welcome -Youth Choir to Sing
6:00 PM Mass, St. Patrick Church, Little Orleans  
11:30 PM Christmas Carols / 12 Midnight Mass, St Peter Church

Christmas Day
 Thursday, December 25th

               9:00 AM Mass, St Peter Church, Hancock

    Wednesday, December 31st- 6:00 PM- St. Patrick's
                         11:00 PM St. Peter's   

Thursday, Jan.  1st  is a Holy Day of Obligation -Mary the Mother of God 9:00 AM Mass

Keep praying and waiting on the Lord in holy silence, stillness and simplicity!

Man of the Year— pray for the Pope!

Pope Francis…

God-Man of the Ages: ask for Hope!


Father Jack's thoughts on "why" he's man of the year:

Evangelization: This is the hallmark of Pope Francis.  We need to go out to a wounded and wearied world—kinda like see it as a  battlefield-emergency tent out there—and seek, bind up welcome the lost and hurting. Everyone—get your hands dirty!

The Unwanted/Untouchables: remember the Pope kissing a leprous person –it’s natural for him, for Christ, to do, how about for you?

Pope Calling: He’s  phoned  atheists and single mom’s and the depressed: you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to follow Jesus—KISS = keep it simple saint!

Simplicity: He got rid of the red shoes (famous Prada slippers popes have worn) , frivolous pomp, sumptuous meals, limousines, apostolic palaces and focused on what’s really essential—following Jesus.

Liberating lifestyle:  they say we live in a therapeutic culture/of narcissism—always  navel gazing and talk-show gazing on our endless problems, fantasies and troubles. The Pope, rather brazenly commands us to get out of imprisoning- self focus  and become selfless serve and

Go against tide: against the idolatry of money, riches, techno gadgetry,  emphasis away from love of God and the poor  

Orthodoxy = This means service PLUS true belief. Notice the Pope has  not changed  definite doctrines like Christ’ Real Presence in the Eucharist,  the need for salvation, chastity outside marriage for all, priesthood is reserved to men; killing (abortion/euthanasia) is always wrong. Essentials are the same—its some of the packaging that’s refreshingly different: That’s dynamic orthodoxy!

Resilience: The Church/Catholic Religion is dead, dying: Ummm,  –Now look again. It is the Catholic Culture and Church which “percolated”  and spiritually produced such a person as the Pope---birthed him, as it were, and other saintly servants like Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II, out of Catholicism’s  saintly spirituality, altruistic art, mystical music, dynamic save-souls-evangelization, and, besides yet,  we Catholics have 1.2 billion in the world to percolate more saints!

Confessions are heard one-half hour before each weekend Mass, or, anytime, by appointment.
READ St. John 20:21-23

Every Thursday from 8:00 am to 8:30 pm
Holy Hour for vocations to the priesthood and religious life at 7:30 pm

Religious Education classes are on Sundays, at 8:45 am, during the school year.
For more information, please contact our Religious Education Office.

Eucharistic Adoration

Enjoy the silence, and WISDOM:  A wise old owl lived in an oak.  The more he saw the less he spoke.  The less he spoke the more he heard.  Why can’t we all be like that wise old bird?…English nursery rhyme          

Adoration Times:  we need you for Eucharistic Adoration                                 

Call the office to pray and help! 

Protecting Our Youth

Youth and violence, sexting, bullying, and overuse of Internet/Smartphone Technology…Youth and violence, sexting, bullying, and overuse of Internet/Smartphone Technology…Pope Francis recently addressed the gift of Internet technologies, but also the CHALLENGES—especially of isolation and abuse. Are you helping your children/ youth and preventing pornography, addiction and other darkness? Recently in New England a youth died regarding sexting. This Internet site,“, helps along with other needed apps. Parents!—love your children/youth enough to monitor and guide them from abuse to Light!




16 E. High Street
Hancock, Maryland

12517 Saint Patrick Road, SE
Little Orleans, MD 21766
Phone: (301)678-6339 FAX: (301)678-6608

Weekend Mass Schedule

Saturday     5:00PM     St. Patrick               Little Orleans
Sunday     7:30 AM     St. Peter                     Hancock
      10:00 AM     St. Peter      

Weekday Mass Schedule:

Monday     7:00 PM    
St. Peter ~ Hancock
Followed by the Miraculous Medal Novena Prayers
Tues, Thur-Sat     7:30 AM    
   St. Peter ~ Hancock

 Read the Bible!

This Week's Readings:
Is 61:1-2a, 10-11; 
1 Thes 5:16-24; 
Jn 1:6-8, 19-28

Next Week:
2 SM 7:15, 8b-12, 14a;
Rom 16:25-27  Lk 1:26-38