The Archdiocese of Baltimore requires all staff and volunteers to undergo training to:

 * Educate them to recognize and correctly respond to signs of abuse in children & youth
* Educate them in ways in which to protect children and youth  from abuse

Related paperwork includes a volunteer application,  statement of policy, code of conduct, criminal background check, and references.

St. Peter & St. Patrick Churches provide all necessary materials and information to anyone who wishes to volunteer in the church and/or school.  The training video is now available on the Archdiocese's website (a required verification certificate is available to print upon completion of the interactive training).  We will schedule and hold training sessions in the school library for those without access to the internet.

Call the Parish office for any questions or requests for further information and necessary paperwork. # 301-678-6339

STAND training is still going on.  Please see the above schedule if you haven’t attended a training session, or taken the training on-line.  The training isn’t difficult, you fill out forms,  there are no tests; all it takes is 2 hours of your time and energy.

It is deemed MANDATORY by the Archdiocese of Baltimore!  Please do this to help keep our children and youth protected and keep us compliant with the Archdiocese.  You may even learn something that you didn’t know…